2010-2011 APSA Leadership Team

Operations and management of the Alberta Pharmacy Students' Association (APSA) is divided into three bodies, each with different responsibilities: Executive Committee, Council, and Officers of Council. The majority of positions are elected with a few being appointed by the Council. APSA Council is the highest governing body of the organization.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Association and is responsible to Council. It makes decisions on and deal with matters of an urgent nature, subject to ratification of Council. Members of the Executive are also members of the Council.

The Council conducts the business of the Association. Typically it meets every two weeks.

Officers of Council function in specific areas of the organization, such as yearbook production, or maintenance of the webpage.

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Executive Committee (also part of Council)

President - Tyler Watson
Past President - Tim Leung
Vice President External - Brett Edwards
Vice President Academic - Anita Cumbleton
Vice President CAPSI - Greg Gandoke
Vice President Administration - Peggy Karas
Vice President Finance - Peter Lok
Vice President Student Services - Jocelyn St. Amour


RxA Representative - Stephanie Moore
CAPSI Jr. Representative - Serena Westad
CSHP Representative - Serena Bains
IPSF Representative - MyChan Mai
Recruitment Director - Bryson Le
Interprofessional Director - Sarah Hasenbank
Publications Director - Kristen Marlow
Social Director - Linda Nguyen
Community Education Director - Darlene Korn
Fundraising Director - Jamie Kotlewski
Faculty Representative - Dr. Christine Hughes
4th Year Class Representative - Andrew Fuller (Fall) / Cindy San (Winter)
3rd Year Class Representative - Jenny Hoang
2nd Year Class Representative - Reid McDonald
1st Year Class Representative - To be elected

Officers of Council

Male Sports Representative - Nathan Morin
Female Sports Representative - Heather Roflik
4th Year Social Representative - ??? (Fall) / ??? (Winter)
3rd Year Social Representative - Stephen Yu
2nd Year Social Representative - Joey Ton
1st Year Social Representative - To be elected
Pharmacy Quarterly Editors - Andrew Wong / Eugenio Pettinato
Yearbook Editors - Euny Lee / SoHyea Kwon
Shine Clinic Representatives - Dapheni Anderson / Cindy Luc
Information Technology Officers - Sam Kim / Dominic Lau


President  Tyler Watson
Year of study  Class of 2012
 My name is Tyler and I am the President-elect* of APSA. This means that I pretty much do nothing and take credit for everything that our current President (Pete… I mean Tim Leung) does. It’s a sweet gig. If that doesn’t tell you enough about me, I will spell it out for you: I enjoy shirking responsibility, making others do my work, and playing foosball in the student lounge instead of attending class or studying. My goals for the upcoming year are to 1) set a new brick breaker record on my phone, 2) pass, and 3) resign from my position on November 30th so as to avoid new responsibilities. If you have any ideas on how to help me achieve these goals, or want to learn how to become self-unreliant, feel free to contact me.
*as of Winter 2011


Past President  Tim Leung
Year of study  Class of 2011
 As you might have guessed, my main responsibility is to make sure that APSA Council serves you the best that it can. Much of the time, this means that most of my effort will go into making sure that Tyler behaves himself and does not do things that may involve a court date in the future (and subsequent use of APSA funds for legal counsel). The rest of my time will be spent making your time as a student as awesome as possible. More specifically, my focus will be on:
  • Putting on wicked events for students to enjoy (Eat! And learn! And eat!)
  • Advocacy of student concerns, especially those dealing with the curriculum
  • Collaboration with our student colleagues
  • Strengthening our Faculty`s unity

I`m always up for a good chat (especially about anything hockey) so if you see me around, please feel free to come and bug me!


VP External  Brett Edwards
Year of study  Class of 2012
 Hey Pharmskys! My name is Brett Edwards and I am what they call the “VP External”. Pretty much, my job is to make the world see how cool pharmacy is. This might seem a little difficult because I, myself, am not really that cool, but nonetheless I will make it happen. My job consists of acting as a Pharmacy liaison to any external groups (such as the government) and any tasks involved in that.
As for me personally, I’m from this lovely city of Edmonton. I received a degree here at the U of A in 2008, at which point the Faculty of Pharmacy felt sorry for me and let me in. During the summer I work way too little, and play way too much golf, as well as any other sport I come across. I look forward to meeting you this year!


VP Academic  Anita Cumbleton
Year of study  Class of 2013
 As your VP Academic for the 2010-2011 school year, I am the ‘go-to’ person for all of your academic related questions and concerns. I am in my second year of Pharmacy and have loved every moment of it since being accepted into the program. I grew up on a farm near Athabasca, Alberta and moved to Edmonton to attend University. This will be my sixth year at the University of Alberta, having completed a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biological Sciences (minor in Physical Sciences) before starting in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. I now reside full time in Edmonton with my husband on the North side of the city. I look forward to working with APSA and all of its members to help make everyone's experience here in the Faculty memorable and rewarding!:)


VP CAPSI  Greg Gandoke
Year of study  Class of 2012
 10 things about me

  • I have a BSc in Chemistry. I am in the class of 2012
  • I love Pizza
  • I am a big hockey fan....big time Calgary Flames Hater
  • I think Pete Lok is the second coolest person in my class
  • I am the best in NHL 10 (xbox 360 only)
  • I am the CAPSI REp. Sr. for Alberta and really enjoy it!
  • I like to meet new people, so please come talk to me, I need friends
  • I really like being apart of APSA and would recommend to come attend a meeting and see for yourself
  • I bring the nicest lunches from home
  • I hate room DP 6069

    VP Administration   Peggy Karas
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     Peggy Karas: Defn: 3rd year pharmacy student, APSA VP Administration and lifelong U of A student
     P is for Punctual
     E is for Exceptionally Talented
     G is for Georgeous
     G is also for Genuine
     Y is for Yay I'm almost done school


    VP Finance Peter Lok
    Year of study Class of 2012
     Hey whatsup APSA! My name is Peter, VP Finance. Entering University, it was always my goal to graduate from university and start working ASAP. 5 years later... I’m still in school with only 2 years of pharmacy complete and have accumulated a big student loan, yet I have loved every single moment of Pharmacy! I have previously worked at TD Bank, made investments, and after coasting through my first phase of life in Pharmacy, like Lebron, I made “The Decision” to join my friends on council as VP Finance. After a bad stretch in summer, watching my Celtics lose to Kobe, then agonizing over England’s World Cup performance, things started to turn around when BigBrother (prediction: Britney to final 2), Entourage, and Jersey Shore came back. Seeing the camaraderie between friends has made me excited to start the school year. I look forward to a great 2010-2011 with APSA.


    VP Student Services  Jocelyn St. Amour
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     Jocelyn “wee Joc” St.Amour was born in Calgary Alberta, in the year 1986. After 18 years of jamming forks into light sockets, and building “American Gladiators” style obstacle courses in her back yard she found herself on the desolate planes of AB, cramming biology and psychology into her overly large cranium. Her heart was always in the mountains where her passion for snowboarding, climbing, and mariokart wii could be satiated. However her ultimate love of pharmacy kept her in an unnatural state of focus and when the stars aligned on the 7th month of the year 2008 Glady’s gave that fateful call. Now she enjoys the sweeter things in life, such as APSA parties and lectures in 6069. Someday She hopes to count to infinity twice.


    RxA Rep  Stephanie Moore
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     My name is Stephanie Moore and I am fortunate to have the opportunity of being this year’s student representative for the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association (RxA). I am currently in my third year of the pharmacy program at the University of Alberta and have already completed a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Lethbridge. I was born and raised in Calgary, so attending University has given me the chance to explore other places in Alberta.
    This summer I worked in a community pharmacy which was different from my previous summer where I was lucky to gain some hospital experience. I am really enjoying the pharmacy program and like getting involved in various associations. Last year I was the fundraising coordinator for the 2009 Alberta Interprofessional Conference. However, this year I am looking forward to getting involved more with the pharmacy student population while fulfilling my role as RxA representative.


    CAPSI Jr. Rep  Serena Westad
    Year of study  Class of 2013
     My name is Serena Westad, your CAPSI Jr. I´m one of 2 Serena´s currently on APSA council, and things can get confusing, so to avoid this you can call me Westad (like the mall: West Ed-monton mall!). I come from a small town in Northern Alberta called Beaverlodge (ya that´s right, and we have a giant beaver statue). My hobbies include snowboarding, rock climbing, camping, and boating. Although school is important, I believe fun and involvement are extremely important too. You´ll be seeing me out at most APSA events, and if I can give you any advice at all, it will be to seize opportunities to be involved, and finding the balance between grades and fun is vital. So, don´t be shy, come say hi (yes, that´s a demand cleverly rhymed to convince you...I´m so suave); I look forward to meeting you!


    CSHP Rep Serena Bains
    Year of study Class of 2012
    I am your CSHP (Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists)-AB Representative for the year and I liaise between the Alberta branch of CSHP and APSA. I promote CSHP initiatives to pharmacy students and bring a student perspective to the CSHP board. I help students take advantage of the benefits of a CSHP membership which include the mentorship program, student awards and educational evenings. In addition to CSHP and APSA council, I also help plan Banff Seminar, a fun and educational weekend annual conference held in Banff for institutional pharmacists and students from BC, AB, SK, and MB.
    I am entering my third year of pharmacy and am really looking forward to another fun-filled and busy school year. I love to travel, read, and explore new things. I also have a lot of energy when it comes to meeting new people so I look forward to meeting everyone in the incoming class!


    IPSF Rep  MyChan Mai
    Year of study  Class of 2013
     Not submitted


    Recruitment Director  Bryson Le
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     Hey! My name is Bryson Le and I’m the recruitment director for the 2010-2011 school year. As a recruitment director I will be a liaison between companies and students. I will work hard in representing students and make it easy for students and employers to connect. I will also organize the career fair and other events exposing students to companies. If you ever have a question, feel free to approach me!


    Interprofessional Director  Sarah Hasenbank
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     I was born in Edmonton and have lived in Fort Saskatchewan for most of my life. My first year at the U of A was 2007, and I’m now starting my 3rd year in Pharmacy. I’ve been a huge nerd my whole life, which has led to my being a pharmacy student. I’m sure many of you can also identify with being a nerd. Anything to do with arteries or veins (i.e. blood tests, IVs, central venous catheters…) instantly makes me pale, nauseous, and prone to collapsing. Fortunately it’s only come up in class a few times so far. On the other hand, some of my favourite things are desserts, reading, pharmacy, The Office, and tennis. I hope to bring you lots of interprofessional opportunities this year! I welcome any interprofessional questions or suggestions, so be sure to contact me for those.


    Publication Director  Kristen Marlow
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     Hi All. I am your Publications Director. I take care of the money for the PQ and Yearbook. And I am there to back up their respective advisors. I live in Millwoods and have a little dog name Muffin. I am in my 3rd year of pharmacy and loving it. I spent 10 days this spring in NYC visiting my cousins and it was amazing. Totally once in a lifetime. The rest of the summer I worked and camped almost every weekend. Make sure you buy your yearbook and check out the PQ. If you are interested in helping with yearbook see me or the advisors. Have a great year and I am always here to chat about anything.


    Social Director  Linda Nguyen
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     Greeting Fellow Muggles,
    My name is Linda Nguyen (…I hope I’m pronouncing that right) and your current Social Director, which means it is my job to make sure you have fun!

    What to know about me:
    I'm a Gemini, which makes me quite wishy-washy when it comes to deciding what to do...and I'm a woman, which makes me ten times even more wishy-washy My dream ambition is to be a pop star but since I lack singing talent, I’ve decided to put my brains into Pharmacy. I’m vertically challenged…so you can always feel more important by standing next to me. Creep my Facebook for more information.
    All in all, if you need to find me, look for the little girl with the big voice.


    Community Education Director  Darlene Korn
    Year of study  Class of 2013
     Hi! My name is Darlene Korn and I am the Community Education Director for the 10/11 year. I will be recruiting volunteers to do presentations in classrooms around the city ranging from kindergarten to grade 12. The focus of the community education initiative is to raise awareness about various health related topics and the profession of pharmacy. Pharmacists are the most accessible health care profession to the public and as students we have the opportunity now to be actively involved in our community and promote healthy living. So a little bit about myself, I was born in Red Deer but have lived in Edmonton most of my life. My cultural roots are in Cambodia where my family has lived for 3 generations, although we are of Chinese descent. I like travelling, camping with family, and hanging out with friends. I look forward to seeing everyone in the coming year =)


    Fundraising Director  Jamie Kotlewski
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     Not submitted


    Faculty Representative  Dr. Christine Hughes (Associate Professor)
     I am the faculty representative on APSA council and my role is to provide a link between APSA and faculty members. Through this role, I hope to build on existing relationships between the student body and the Faculty. I am originally from Edmonton and completed my undergraduate pharmacy degree at the U of A. Outside of work, I enjoy travelling and spending time with my children.


    4th Year Class Rep (Fall)  Andrew Fuller
    Year of study  Class of 2011
     Seven years ago, a student pharmacist was sent to prison by a military court for a crime he didn't commit. This man escaped from a minimum security stockade to the Edmonton underground. Today, still wanted by various pharmaceutical employers, he survives as a soldier of pharmacy. If you have a medication problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire him......The A-team.


    4th Year Class Rep (Winter)  Cindy San
    Year of study  Class of 2011
     Hi, I am Cindy (a.k.a CSAN for the class of 2011 and those who know about monitoring of antipsychotics....) and I will be the fourth year class rep for the winter term. For the first year pharmacy babies, welcome to our faculty! For all the others, welcome back :)! I am a happy person who loves talking. Sometimes, my cheerful and loud personality annoys my peers during stressful times when we are supposed to mourn over how much work we have. Quoting my InterD team member, “It must be a pharmacy thing to be overly cheerful.” I can’t help but be happy because I am in one of the best professions in the world and I truly enjoy getting to know the pharmers! I hope all of you will enjoy pharmacy school as much as I do, and best of luck for the new school year!


    3rd Year Class Rep  Jenny Hoang
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     Contrary to popular belief, I’m a born and raised Edmontonian, with a full Chinese background. I am the baby of 4, which consists of 2 brothers and a sister. I love playing just about any sport, but my favorites include basketball and ball hockey. I also love snowboarding and sometimes… golfing. I listen to all sorts of music but currently I’m really into artists such as Matt Kearney and Angels and Airwaves. My favorite TV shows include Smallville (Clark and Lana for LIFE), One Tree Hill, and good ol’ Jack Bauer in 24! I don’t have a favorite movie but I’m a total hopeless romantic. My favorite food is probably 5 cents candy… is that food? Maybe not, nonetheless, I LOVE to eat. Oh and my drink of choice is green tea with honey, mmm


    2nd Year Class Rep  Reid McDonald
    Year of study  Class of 2013
     Well, hello there. My name is Glen, but I probably won´t respond to you if you call me that. Most people call me Reid (although I have been known to respond to Grasshopper Thirty-four during the summer months). I am originally from Calgary, but moved northward to hone my skills in dandelion growing, dodging potholes, and parking in spots far too small for my vehicle. When I am not perfecting my skills, you may find me at one of the fine watering holes in the Old Strathcona area (Garneau Pub, Avenue Pizza, The Strat) or waist deep in a seemingly pointless, labour-intensive project. If you play guitar, bass or have a really good sour dough starter, I would love to chat with you. I welcome you to use the information provided in the stalker book to get a hold of me, or give me a holler on CB channel 19.


    1st Year Class Rep  To be elected
    Year of study  Class of 2014
     Who will it be???


    Male Sports Rep  Nathan Morin
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     Oh hello, didn’t see you reading there. If you read my caption correctly you’ll know that I’m Nathan Morin, Male Sports Representative. My job in APSA is to organize the male intramural teams as well as the coed teams with the female sports representative Heather Roflik. I (along with the female representative) also plan the annual Dent-Pharm hockey game and curling funshpiel. As for myself, I am in my third year of pharmacy, about 6’1 and enjoy long walks on the beach, sometimes getting caught in the rain. Seriously though, I really enjoy sports and if you have any ideas or suggestions about general sports in APSA, let me know I’d love to hear it.


    Female Sports Rep  Heather Roflik
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     Not submitted


    4th Year Social Rep (Fall)  ???
    Year of study  Class of 2011
     Not submitted


    4th Year Social Rep (Winter)  ???
    Year of study  Class of 2011
     Not submitted


    3rd Year Social Rep  Stephen Yu
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     As the 3rd year Social Rep, I will be working with the amazing Social Committee and Sports Reps to organize and promote social events. My responsibilities pertain primarily to the 3rd year class but I will also have some that pertain to all years. As this year is the final year that the class is unified for both semesters, I wish to make it as memorable as possible. To this end, I will plan creative and unique events that appeal to the majority of the class. Lastly, so as to not ramble on about what kind of person I am I will let my picture do that.


    2nd Year Social Rep  Joey Ton
    Year of study  Class of 2013
     So you might be reading this because you saw my picture and thought “wow, awesome looking guy”. Thanks for thinking that. So my name is Joey Ton and I am an Edmonton born student with interests in snowboarding and eating. So what would I do if I had a million dollars? Buy a beamer, snowboard and eat. But aside from all that, my job as 2nd year social representative is to attend Social Committee meetings in order to help plan, organize and promote various social events to all the classes. In addition, I am in charge of organizing events for the class of 2013. I am open to any suggestions and ideas. Don’t be afraid to say hi and ask “what’s up” because you never know, I may end up as one your best friends… forever.


    1st Year Social Representative  To be elected
    Year of study  Class of 2014
     Who will it be???


    PQ Editors  Andrew Wong / Eugenio Pettinato
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     Hey everyone,
    The dynamic duo is back once again to bring you APSA´s awesome publication, the Pharmacy Quarterly (PQ). My partner in crime Eugenio Pettinato (or just Mike because no one can pronounce his first name) and myself, Andrew Wong, are back this year as the editors of the PQ. This year we hope to make the PQ better than ever by adding some new and exciting content - more student/faculty articles, jokes, and PICTURES. We may also decide to bring the PQ out of the Stone Age by incorporating different forms of media and venturing into the land of social networking. Finally, we would like to thank our loyal readers (all 10 of you) because without you none of this would be possible.
    Ciao ciao for now,


    Yearbook Editors  SoHyea Kwon / Euny Lee
    Year of study  Class of 2012
     Hi everyone! We are very excited to be co-editors of the Pharmacy Yearbook Committee this year. Mainly, we take pictures at various events, design pages, and promote yearbook sales.

    For those who are interested: All you need is one camera and your passion! Your pictures and creativity will help us bring all the joyous memories together, which everyone will want to keep forever. Please e-mail us and we will provide more details.

    With all our hearts together, we will do our best to make our pharmacy yearbook the greatest one ever.

    Please send photos to yeunkyon@ualberta.ca or sohyea@ualberta.ca.


    Shine Clinic Rep  Dapheni Anderson / Cindy Luc
    Year of study  Class of 2012 and 2013, respectively
    (Dapheni)  My name is Dapheni Anderson, a third year pharmacy student. I was raised in a small town in Northern Alberta until the age of eighteen when I moved to Calgary. I lived there until the year I was accepted in Pharmacy at the UofA. Thus, I am a mix between a small-town girl and a city-girl. I have a love for the elderly, and I also have a spot in my heart for troubled kids. Because the SHINE Clinic focuses on caring for underserved youth in Edmonton’s downtown core, I was very interested in becoming involved. I volunteered at the clinic during my first year and have held the position of SHINE pharmacy representative last year and this current year. The SHINE pharmacy representative position entails attending executive meetings twice monthly, scheduling and recruiting volunteers and preceptors, as well as, volunteering at the clinic. I find that this is a very rewarding position.
    (Cindy)  Hello everyone! I’m Cindy and I’ll be one of the SHINE pharmacy representatives this year along with Dapheni. I’m a 2nd year pharmacy student and I’m really excited to be a part of SHINE this year. SHINE is a student-run medical clinic that provides free medical services for inner-city youths in Edmonton. SHINE is a great opportunity for those who are interested in getting involved in a interdisciplinary environment or those who just want to meet a great group of people with interesting backgrounds. If this sounds like something you're interested in - please feel free to chat with me, I like to think I’m a good conversationalist. :)


    Information Technology Officers  Sam Kim / Dominic Lau
    Year of study  Class of 2012
    (Sam)  Good morning to all. My name is Seok Hee [Sucky]. You can also call me Sam, if that's easier for you. When Andrew asked me to write bios, I thought of Basic Input-Output System. In case it doesn't ring a bell, most people probably have entered bios during a PC format to change the booting sequence. That being said, my position at APSA is IT officer. I take care of APSA’s technological needs. One of my primary responsibilities is taking care of APSA’s website. I believe it is underutilized and I hope we make a good use of it, so I encourage everyone to give any suggestions. About myself, it is sufficient to say I am in love with Starcraft and nothing else. Thank you for reading this and I hope I serve you well.
    (Dominic)  Maintenance of APSA webpage and files, and utilization of other technologies for the operation of APSA and its events